Recording the development of the Fort Warden site.



    The development plan for the Fort Warden Heights Estate is shown below.  To-date 16 of the 18 the houses (Phase One) have been built.  With regard to the apartment blocks both Battery Court (Phase Two - 8 apartments) and Victoria Court (Phase Three - 14 apartments) have been completed.


                           Above -  Goggle image of Fort Warden Heights Estate 

   As a result of the economic downturn the original developer (Roseberry Yarmouth Ltd.) entered into receviership on the 18th March 2010, A substantial part of the site remained un-developed but, with planning permission for a further 67 apartments.

   A Receiver was appointed to settle the accounts for Roseberry Yarmouth Ltd with the site being advertised for sale. The Land Registry TitleTransfer (TR2- IW54330) states that the sale of the site was to Boxer Holdings Limited (Gibraltar) on 30th November 2010. The sale price is recorded as being £600,000 with a time-limited development overage, to the Bank of Scotland (the seller) being included. No breakdown of the various parcels of land are recorded but the transaction did include the Freehold for the two completed apartment blocks (Battery and Victoria Courts.) 
   No further onsite work has been undertaken and It is very doubtful that, following the recent  significant Landslip (see photos and videos below), the two proposed apartment blocks (Phases Four and Five) will now be built.

   The video below of the Fort Warden Heights site and coastal landslip damage was taken by Richard Manser using his drone camera.


  The above drawing shows the Fort Warden Heights Site at the point of sale to Boxer Holdings Limited. The legend is as follows :
A  -  16 detached freehold houses not included in the sale.
B  -  Battery Court and the freehold for 8 apartments
C  -  Victoria Court and the freehold for 14 apartments.
D  -  Unbuilt apartment block. Phase Four.
E  -  Unbuilt apartment block. Phase Five.
F  -  Undeveloped field which was part of the Estate's communal areas.
G  -  Undeveloped field not included within the Estate.
H  -  Previously the Camp's reception.  Now a five bedroom house.
I   -   Lower field - An undeveloped public area and sports field parking.
J  -   Previously the Holiday Camp's swimming pool are. Now two plots.   
                 Main entrance to the Fort Warden Heights Estate.

                          Below  - Fort Warden Heights from the sea.




    During April 2012 The Victoria Court and Battery Court  owners completed the freehold enfranchisement process with the freehold(s) being purchased from Boxer Holdings Ltd.  The individual apartment blocks now have their own registered Management Companies on 1st January 2013 :- Victoria Court (Totland) Management Company and Battery Court (Totland) Management Company.                        

                            Below - photographs of Battery Court.









                                              Below - photographs of Victoria Court.



   The planning map immediately below shows at plot A and B the suites for two detached houses (J on the above Legend). 



      The two photographs below are of the property that has been built on the site of the Fort Warden Holiday Camp Reception House at the far end of Fort Warden Road and immediately adjacent to the main entrance to the camp-site fort. (H in the above Legend).    


   The photograph below is of the property (the 'bungalow') that was  adjacent to the Fort Warden Holiday Camp Reception House. Both properties were sited at the far end of Fort Warden Road at the entrance to the Campsite. During WW2 the bungalow was used as the Sergeant's Mess but It has now been fully developed and is on the market for £599,950.


 Below - The undeveloped part of the Fort Warden Heights Estate


Below are two plots for sale which in front of the Loop Hole Wall at £140,000 and £160,000.


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